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Sheds & Garages for Sale in Pohatcong, NJ

Garages and Custom Sheds Pohatcong, NJ

You know the neighbor: the one with the old and beat up shed in the corner of the yard, the falling-down mess of rotted wood or particle board that’s been an eyesore for the last couple of years. Or maybe that’s you. Maybe you are that neighbor with the ugly shed or garage, but you haven’t had the time or money, or ideas available to make a change.

Today’s sheds and garages have come a long way. There are many options and styles to choose from that will turn that eyesore into the eye candy of the neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking to make room in an overflowing garage, replace a beat up shed, or protect a motorcycle or toys, All Amish Structures will provide you with the shed or garage you need.

Plan your space

Take some time to plan your storage needs. What do you plan to keep in your shed? We can help you figure out the right size and dimensions to suit your needs and desires.

Select a shed/garage

Take a quick moment to browse our large selection of models and styles before you request a quote. This will allow us to get you an accurate quote in the current price range. So… whether you’re looking to nurture a hobby or need additional space, we have exactly what you need.

Get the site ready

We can install a cinder block foundation for your new storage shed or garage, recommend someone to prepare a gravel base for you or you can do it on your own. It’s totally up to you. If you have an old shed, depending on the size we can help you get rid of it.

Schedule delivery

Lead tie varies by season and assembly request. You can expect our new Amish sheds and garages to be scheduled for delivery between 2 to 4 weeks after ordering.

Thousands of homeowners have turned to All Amish Structures over the past 50 years for their sheds and garages. We help homeowners with their storage challenges like your overflowing garage, sagging or ugly shed and no room for that new motorcycle.

We’ve seen it all. We’ll put that depth of experience to good use when we create a durable and long lasting Amish shed or garage for you.

We are committed to excellent service and outstanding quality delivered to you at an affordable price.

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    All Amish Structures we can provide you with any custom shed or garage to meet your needs. Our buildings are ideal for storage from garden tractors and lawn mowers, to motorcycles, bikes, snowmobiles, and even cars.

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