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Design your dream shed, garage, greenhouse or poolhouse and submit for a custom quote!

Introducing NEW 3D Design Technology!

Have the structure of your dreams in mind but want to see it on paper?

We have have just the thing for you!

Using our NEW IdeaRoom 3D Configurator, you can design a shed, garage, greenhouse, or pool house with the exact dimensions, color, and style and visualize what your new structure will look like before the drawing!

This is your guide to crating your space on our 3D model…

Build it! Customize it! See it in your space! Send it and get your custom quote!

TIP: Submitting just your final vision will ensure a speedy quote, each quote is hand calculated by a member of our team!  You can still make changes and ask questions as we are putting your order together! Or, ask for a pricing sheet to know exactly what each addition will cost!

Now lets open up IdeaRoom 3D Configurator and get building!

Start with your zip code, under 30 miles from our store qualifies for free delivery!


What structure are you looking for? Choose between sheds, garages, greenhouses, and pool houses. Then, select your style! Are you in the market for a classic A-frame? Or a storage conscious high-barn? Maybe a classy studio or graceful victorian? On the Style, Siding, & Roof dropdown you can find exactly these! Scroll to find siding and roofing options, as well as a check-box for the inclusion of site prep! All structures should have either a stone pad or concrete slab beneath them to maintain their structure over long periods of time!
The next dropdown is size! Be conscious of the size of your space, and what you are permitted in your location! We are happy to give you direction on how to apply for your structure permit, but acquiring one is your responsibility!
Now you can select windows and doors! Standard structures have two windows and a set of double doors included! Add additional or subtract windows/ doors using the side menu, and move features by either dragging them or clicking on the red arrows. Click on a window to see all window sizes as well as shutters and flower boxes, and click on a door to see all door styles and ramps! From the side menu you can also add dormers and cupula to the roof, as well as vents. Vents are necessary to maintain air flow through your structure! Lastly, you have the option to add “critter guard”, which will reduce the risk of animals getting into your structure.
This is the fun part… select the colors of your structure! Many people choose to match or use complimentary colors of their house, but the choice is yours! Play around with different combinations of siding, door, trim, window, and roofing colors!
Let’s move inside the shed! Toggle between flooring and interior on the side menu. In flooring, you can reinforce or strengthen your floor as well as add a more finished painted or vinyl floor. Then in interior, you have the option to add lofts, workbenches, and shelves as well as other finishing touches such as insulation and drywall or other covers. Be mindful that ceiling lofts will only function in structures with higher ceilings, think high-barn – not a-frame. Opt for a workbench or shelving instead! In the interior tab you can also add full electrical capabilities… in your shed!

That’s it! Now you can click on “Shed Details” in the right menu to see everything you’d like laid out in front of you! No more shed jargon, you know just what you want!

Ready to submit? Click on “Submit for quote” and fill out your contact information! Expect to see your custom quote in a few days! Remember, quotes are hand-calculated by a member of our small team, you will get a quote much faster if you only submit once, and you can make changes as we write up your order!

We are also happy to take questions at!

Thank you for your interest in All Amish Structures, Inc! Happy Building!


All Amish Structures we can provide you with any custom shed or garage to meet your needs. Our buildings are ideal for storage from garden tractors and lawn mowers, to motorcycles, bikes, snowmobiles, and even cars.

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