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Prep Your Yard for an Amish Playset!

If you have children or are expecting children, a playset is the perfect place for your kids to spend their afternoons after school. Young children love playing on slides, swinging, climbing, and so on. These activities are also healthy for children. Instead of taking your children to the park or local playground, think about having your own Amish playset built in your backyard. Learn more about the yard requirements for an Amish playset by reading on.

Playset from All Amish Structures

The first requirement is to have enough space in your yard for a playset to be safely built. Standard models can be as small as 10 feet by 11 feet, so be sure to measure your yard before starting the building process. The second step is taking note of extra space needed for running around the set. You don’t want your playset to take up your entire backyard, especially if your children enjoy running around your yard. Measure for several extra feet of space.

The next step in prepping your yard for an Amish playset is removing any obstacles. Some common obstacles include bushes, trees, rocks, gardens, flower beds, fences, decks, patios, and sheds. If you can’t remove these obstacles, plan your playset around them.

Level ground is important for building a safe and sturdy playset. Find a spot in your yard that is flat enough and large enough for a playset. If you have a hilly yard, you may need some minor excavating work done.

Finally, make sure to avoid any hazards when planning for your playset. If your yard as utility poles, hanging wires, sudden drop-offs, creeks, or ponds, build your playset away from these potentially dangerous areas.

After taking these steps, you’re ready to design and build your Amish playset. For the best playset possible, pair up with All Amish Structures. Our team of professionals can help you build the perfect playset for your space. Receive a quick custom quote by visiting our website today or giving us a call at 610-628-4343 or 908-454-4969!

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